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10 August

David Lubich on the Roots of House Music

Too Blind To See It: Discovering The Roots Of House┬áMusic is an article by David Lubich (Catch the Beat: The Best of Soul Underground 1987 – 91) discussing the roots of house music in both the gay and African American cultures in America. He also talks about the influence of house music in Britain. He interviews Frankie Knuckles who gives an intro to the discussion about race and sexuality and its place in house music. He also interviews Tom Moulton, the famed disco mixer, who briefly discusses the invention of the break.

David’s article was a great read. You know I’m always looking out for more writing pertaining to the history of house music. I can’t help but feel sad that we can’t get it together here in the US. The beauty of house music is the acceptance of all people. Why do people want to listen to music that spreads hate?

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